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Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts announces global commitment to plant 10 million trees to mark its 50th anniversary

As Earth week kicks off, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is making a global commitment to plant 10 million trees as part of its long term efforts in supporting sustainability. The 10 Million Trees initiative will now form the cornerstone of the company's substantial existing corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

"For 50 years, our company logo has depicted the annual cycle of a tree, and as we look to the future, its symbolism will translate into concrete action," says Kathleen Taylor, president and CEO, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. "In cultures throughout the world, trees represent growth, prosperity and longevity. They also play a critical role in a healthy ecosystem and a healthy planet. 10 Million Trees is an exciting new program that will have a lasting and positive impact for generations to come."

Breaking Ground

The planting has already begun, with more than 35,000 Four Seasons employees in 34 countries digging in to help meet this goal.

Starting immediately, Four Seasons will fund the planting of one tree for every one of its Gift Cards sold, either online or in its hotels and resorts around the world.

Four Seasons of Preservation: Supporting Sustainability

10 Million Trees is the newest initiative in the company's longstanding commitment to supporting sustainability. Four Seasons involves employees and guests in the common goal of preserving and protecting the planet and strives to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact. Sustainable tourism that enhances and protects the destinations where the company operates is a key focus.

Four Seasons hotels and resorts in cities across the region - in Doha, Riyadh, Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Damascus, Beirut and Amman have demonstrated their support with numerous tree-planting initiatives in support of Four Seasons 50th birthday commitment to plant 10 Million Trees. Amongst others, these included the planting of 50 Narenj trees in the Old City of Damascus; the planting of 450 trees near Jerash, undertaken in collaboration with Shajara, a local NGO dedicated to reforestation in Jordan; and the commitment to enlarge the Cedar forests in Lebanon which have been steadily deteriorating over the past few years on account of war, climate change, human interference and disease.

Further details of the company's programs in the areas of local farming, wildlife conservation, environmental programs, recycling, waste management and energy conservation can be found on the new website, Initiatives include working with local farmers in Hawaii, reducing and reusing waste in Philadelphia, reviving coral reefs in the Maldives, saving elephants in Thailand, reducing plastics in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and supporting sea turtles in the sea around Nevis, West Indies and much more.

In addition, the company's extensive efforts in building communities and advancing cancer research are also chronicled on the Living Values website.

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