Sky Communications

Who's Who in Jordan's Advertising and Media

The limitless ambition of Sky Communications is derived from the belief that “The sky is not the limit.” This belief laid the foundation for the establishment of Sky Communications in Jordan, which came to birth in 2010 by four dedicated professionals who collectively possess more than 40 years of exclusive experience in planning and effectively executing different disciplines of communication for many local and international conglomerates.


The company strongly believes in creativity, team spirit, determination, transparency and sincere long-term professional relationships. These values will lead Sky Communications to realize its strategic vision; to raise the bar in the marketing communications industry in Jordan and reach out to new markets in the Levant, GCC and North Africa.


Sky Communications works with the spirit of a family, which produces an atmosphere of joy that relieves the heart and energizes the brain and feelings to create unconventional communication ideas.


The company’s core business encompasses strategies, ATL, BTL, TTL, PR, interactive, media services and copywriting.

Sky Communications