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Petra By Night


Enjoy the Magic of a candle lit visit to the Rose –Red city of Petra.The special aura of the ancient Nabatean trading empire comes to life as you enjoy a stroll through the mysterious Siq of Petra.




At al- Khazneh (The Treasury), music and stories will help you experience Petra, as the travel- weary traders of old must have known it. The excursion departs from the Petra Visitors Center each Monday,  Wednesday & Thursday evening at 20.30 hrs, returning to the Visitors Center around 22.30 hrs. rate Per person 12 JD. or in USD $17 per person.



Made in Jordan


Jordan Tours has
started its own projects:

 Made in Jordan

gift shop, located above Petra Kitchen, in Wadi Mousa. Selling products made by women working in foundations and
co-operatives, established to both teach women a craft, and provide them with a means of sustenance.

Since we strongly believe that travellers’ experience is better flavored when it is an occasion for cultural exchange, our company's structure allows us to offer our guests that extra touch. We give them an opportunity, not only to visit the country, but also to get in touch with local customs in the context of mutual enrichment.











Petra Kitchen

Something good’s cooking at Petra Kitchen!

Now open in Petra, THE PETRA KITCHEN is a delightful way to round out your  Jordan travel experiences.  Like any home kitchen, THE PETRA KITCHEN is a relaxed, informal atmosphere where you’ll gather to prepare an evening meal, working alongside local women under the supervision of our chef. 

Each evening meal includes soup, cold and hot mezza and salads, and a main course—all typical Jordanian dishes.  You will have get an inside glimpse of the secrets behind the famous regional cuisine of the Levant. 

THE PETRA KITCHEN offers an evening of learning, fun and a very special dining experience, with each dish gaining the special flavor of a reward well-earned.  Great care has been taken to make THE PETRA KITCHEN a truly Jordanian experience—right down to the furnishings, all crafted in Jordan, the tableware, all produced by the Iraq al Amir Women’s Co-operative, and the aprons and table linens, all hand-embroidered by the Jordan River Foundation. 

The regular price of JD 30/person includes the cuisine course, meal and all non-alcoholic beverages as well as take-home recipes for all dishes prepared that evening. 

 Special 5-night cuisine classes are also available, where in addition to the nightly sessions you will make shopping trips to the local markets with our chef.  The 5-night classes include special arrangements for hotel accommodations, visits to Petra, and discounts on food products and other gift items available at THE PETRA KITCHEN and the MADE IN JORDAN gallery.