Zain Jordan launches high speed mobile 'broadband' internet service covering all kingdom

7th Mar, 2011

Zain Jordan, part of the Zain Group, the leading mobile operator in the Middle East, announced that it had officially launched the high speed Zain broadband services using the latest HSPA+ technology. The new cutting edge and user friendly service will offer unprecedented speed for mobile broadband and mobile internet services across all Jordanian governorates upon its launch.

Mobile broadband will be offered at competitive prices tailored for various customer needs with speeds of up to 21 Mbps. Customers will be also able to benefit from the service using their existing mobile handsets or via any smart phone in the market.

Zain Jordan CEO, Dr. AbdulMalek Al Jaber, said during the press conference held on Saturday at Le Royal Hotel, "Launching the new Zain broadband internet service through HSPA+ technology today is a stepping stone towards consolidating Zain's position as an integrated operator with the largest network in the Jordan telecommunications market."

He added that Jordan will be transformed into a "hot spot" for internet users whether they can be connected at home, in their offices or on the go. He highlighted the responsibility of Zain in playing a vital role developing the local telecommunications sector, as well as ensuring that it serves the needs of its customers and meets their expectations. Introducing cutting edge communications technologies and bringing the latest the world has to offer are among Zain's key priorities.

Al Jaber added, "The new mobile broadband technology will enhance the quality of services offered by Zain, providing a reliable, high speed service in terms of data and telephone trafficking," noting that the company believes that the current and future interest of its customers will be focused on data and internet services, provided through cutting-edge latest technology.

"Zain is executing its strategy with a focus on investing in innovative applications and content development through mobile phones in a way that matches the needs of the local community and is in line with its culture, thus helping enhance knowledge and build communication," added Al Jaber.

The new services will target all customer bases, whether individuals, companies or institutions and will be introduce a variety of offers and products at competitive prices to suit the different needs of its consumers. Zain customers who want to use the service through their mobile handsets or computers will also be able to choose from the various innovative plans tailored to their needs, especially to professional customers who are always on the go.

Al Jaber added, "Despite providing the latest technology currently available in the region, Zain will continue to direct its efforts towards bringing in new and up to date enhancements to the services it offers," adding that offering advanced internet services contributes to the building and strengthening of the Jordan's infrastructure and reflects positively on the attractiveness of the local investment environment as well as helping attract investors to Jordan. It also contributes to the increase in internet penetration and is in line with His Majesty's directives in building a knowledge based economy. For the first time in Jordan, all governorates will enjoy the service at the same time, linking the Kingdom's north to its south, and east to its west.

"We have made a promise to become Jordan's leaders in terms of developing the telecommunications sector, and here we are making this promise a reality. Thanks to Zain, the country is now host to a number of cutting edge services, and the host of information revolution and banking services, as well as others," he said.

Zain's Network Department Director, Youssef Abu Mutawe, said, "Zain had set aside JD120m to invest prior to launching the HSPA+ technology. Today, the Zain network is able to offer high speed internet services which can reach up to 21 Mbps during phase one, and up to 42 Mbps in the near future."

Abu Mutawe added, "The new network will cover around 97% of Jordan's populated area. Providing the service with equal quality in all governorates is an unprecedented phenomenon and contributes to the overall efforts that aim to provide internet penetration in the whole of Jordan."

Mutawe added that the number of HSPA+ stations reached 1000, covering the whole kingdom as well as the main highways. It will provide a coverage that is double that offered by any other operator, with better capacity and to a larger area.

Zain Data Services Director, Khaled Nuseibeh, said, "With the new service, Zain looks forward to changing the position of the local market by providing several services to its entire customer base. The offers will be competitively priced and will offer services tailored to the various customer needs, as well as offering specialized data applications."

Nuseibeh said customers wanting to use the HSPA+ service through their mobile handsets will enjoy unprecedented high speed broadband internet service and enjoy a better user experience by being able to view more pages, at a much quicker pace, with no buffering thus allowing live viewing as well.

The high speed internet connectivity will reach 21 Mbps and will enable video conferencing, enable customers to view films and video clips either upon on demand or live from TV channels (Mobile TV). Customers will be also able to experience video calling service as well as uploading videos on social networks in a very fast download times.

"Customers will be able to enjoy the service wherever they are through their dongles; a "plug and play" device (USB), or through a CPE/Router, used internally by small/ medium enterprises, allowing up to 16 users to share the speed offered by the account". The company will also introduce the MiFi device, the smallest mobile WiFi internet, which is portable and can be used everywhere, allowing internet access to up to 5 users, with a customized configuration that is simple and easy to use.

This launch of HSPA+ technology in Jordan complements Zain Group's previous launch of similar 3G services across several of its other regional country operations of Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.