Yellow Logos was launched in Jul, 2011

Yellow Logos is a business logo directory. We are an online media & advertising platform, representing the logos of the companies to the visitors of our website providing global exposure, at Yellow Logos u can get company's contacts and be updated with their latest ads, news & events.


"A brand of a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well."    Jeff Bezos


Our simplified search options allow our users to readily access vital contact & website information about a wide range of businesses. Categories on our website make it possible to find businesses, even if the user is unable to remember the company name.

It is this type of service that inspired this tool: "Yellow it. People will know it".


At Yellow Logos, we got tired of surfing through one online directory after another. We understand the power of every single brand - we know a logo when we see it ! This was the driving force behind Yellow Logos. We offer companies the opportunity to further expose their brand to their consumers. And we offer customers the ability to search for the information they need through the comfortable recognition of the brands they know so well.


Yellow Logos is run by a team of capable professionals that understand the importance of providing accurate information about a wide range of businesses. Our managing partners are dedicated to bringing maximum exposure to our client's logos so they can drive their business forward.


     "Yellow it. People will know it"